How to Buy the Best AV Receiver

The best AV receiver under $500 is a really great investment. If you are planning to buy an AV receiver for your house, here are some tips that you should always keep in mind before you visit the nearest electronic shop near you or browse in online stores:


First, you should consider the channels that the AV receiver will be able to provide. A 5.1 channel configuration will do just fine, if you wanted to have a nice home theatre experience. But if you can buy a speaker that is beyond 5.1 channels then that would be even better.


Power is also an important consideration for any AVR. You should make sure that you are able to choose an AV receiver of great amp with power supply capacity that will be able to rise and accommodate the complex passage in multiple channels without being able to introduce any distortion in the audio. There are some AVRs that sound coarse that could lead to overheating therefore you should avoid that at all costs.

Surround modes

In buying your first AVR, you should also consider the surrounds modes when it comes to decoding the soundtracks that you tend to embed in the software and broadcasts. Some of them are accompanied with additional playback modes, it is highly advisable to choose mode that is native to the original soundtrack.

You should also keep the sound quality in mind. You know too well that Blu-ray players have the capability of passing the sound effects of the remote control as well as the secondary audio tracks of the disc.

Now that you know the factors that you need to consider in buying your AV receiver, you should be able to choose the best in order to provide your family a one of a kind theatre experience.